Usually, mentioning the term ‘broker’ to an electronics buyer brings about a knee-jerk cringe reaction. There are many broker companies out there that provide a steady stream of nuisance calls promising miraculous service and unequalled pricing.

If you are an electronics buyer however, you have a choice. I have dealt with Global for several years now, and have seen them attain a level of service that greatly exceeds that of their competitors. I have had many line-down situations that required immediate and complicated help, and in those times my first call has went to Global, whose reaction was always quick and helpful. We had an issue last week in which we were critical on a tough part. After a call to Global, they discovered the data sheet actually showed the production of a different part that could be used. This was a lifesaver, and would not have been an option had they not seen it. I have found them to be a great value to me for these issues, but also a valuable resource for continued savings opportunities. They get my top recommendation.