Most people are quick to complain when they receive poor or sub-standard service. Unfortunately, when good service is received we usually say nothing because we just expect it. And when exceptional service is rendered we are happy but usually silent. I try not to be this way. When I see exceptional service I try to make other people aware of it since it is such a rare thing in this day and age.

Matt has provided me with a level of service that is better than any other components supplier I currently use. He has consistently gone the extra mile for me. Several of my vendors will do that in the beginning just to earn my business, but after a month or so things begin to change when they learn that I don’t purchase a huge amount of components as compared to other larger contract manufacturers. Matt has not done this.

Even though I’ve only been purchasing from Global for a short time, Matt’s attitude has remained the same. If anything he is trying even harder to help me with what I need. I just wanted you to know this so that you will be aware of Matt’s contributions to your company.