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Global Solutions Asset Recovery Group is your Excess Solution Provider! We offer a wide variety of excess inventory solutions and will help you get value from your excess electronic inventory.

Call us today at 866-87-STOCK or email your list to excess@noleadtime.com to have one of our excess inventory specialists prepare a custom program for you.

Excess Electronics Inventory (Lot Buy)
The lot buy program is the perfect solution for companies who need to get electronics off their shelves and out of their warehouse immediately. Global Solutions will give you a market analysis from experienced professionals to make the best pricing decisions, to hold or liquidate.

Excess Electronics Inventory (Consignment)
The excess inventory consignment program works best for companies that are looking to sell their excess electronics and earn a higher return on the dollar. Our superior marketing will give your excess inventory the visibility it deserves and the high returns you need.

Excess Electronics Inventory (On-Site Consignment)
Similar to Consignment this solution is for companies that are not in a rush to sell their excess electronics inventory and have the warehouse space available to keep their excess inventory on site.

Global Solutions Asset Recovery Group offers full service logistics support which means we take ownership of all the details and custom solutions that yield excellent results. We are the quality leader in independent distribution of excess electronic components, when Global Solutions shows stock reports, we get called first!

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