Search & Rescue

The lead time removal system that consistently delivers parts now!

– Proven 11 step system consistently removes painful lead times.
– 200+ weeks of lead time hassles removed weekly.
– Unqualified or risky broker options are assessed and filtered out.
– Engaged daily by pros whose passion is your on-time production.
– We deliver on challenging commercial through military components.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your “Search and Rescue” system work to remove lead times?
The system consists of over a dozen steps performed in sequence by a trained professional. Some steps are easy such as identifying the clear outcome by asking effective needs analysis questions. Other steps are more complex such as answering one of the best questions within the S.A.R System, “what else might fly?” Several factors must be considered to identify alternative part options that such as first assessing the ease of approval for the end customer’s engineer. The end result is we almost always identify a much faster solution than the alternative long lead time.
My buyers each have over a dozen lead time items on their expedite reports right now. Who do I send our hot list to?
Thanks for the inquiry. You can simply email or fax the list of needs over to us via or 239-489-4368.
How can I get the most from your Search & Rescue System...specifically to get my boards delivered to our customer within their tight schedule requirements?
There are 3 essentials to helping us make your lead times disappear. Wide open communication- We deliver results because there’s often one extra piece of information that makes raving fan customers. Gathering information such as AVL alternatives, need by date, and ROHS/leaded requirements is so essential to serving the client’s outcome that it’s all required before one of our staff is able to “dive in”.
I have read your referrals on your site and while I have lead times that you may be of help on, we also require new and original manufacture parts only. What are your processes there to ensure we don’t get shipped defective parts?
Quality is an area we shine best and is embedded in our culture. First, our sales team’s priority is to help our customers play in the independent channel safely. As a confidant, we consult with the client to share various stock options that have already been filtered of any and all risk. This priority is evident in our client feedback/testimonials. Using a wide open communication approach, any risk whatsoever such as having to venture outside our A rated channel is discussed first and PRIOR to performing delivery of any orders. Further, the A rated suppliers have been entrusted friends of Global Solutions for many years with consistent deliver to our benchmark level high quality standards.

Secondly, companies in the government/military sector through to commercial count on our staff’s experience and Validate daily. Validate is our proprietary component inspection system that’s run by our highly trained inspectors who “assume all parts are bad until our processes prove them good”. Validate is simply the most detailed inspection system in distribution, bar none. Peace of mind comes from our acceptance rates north of 99% and a full one year warranty on each and every part we ship to OEM and CEM clients.

How much does your system cost?
We charge for delivered parts only. No results, no pay. The cost of labor is built in to the price of the components. Sometimes delivering a solution requires many hours of burning the “midnight oil.” In fact, team members have sometimes dedicated over a dozen hours to make a lead time on a single line disappear. How’s THAT for commitment?! Because of the time factor, we are mindful on RFQ’s such as very small quantities, to make sure the need is substantial before lighting the late night candle.

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