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In our industry, quality of parts can never be a root cause for failure. Global Solutions has been a valued source in providing quality parts and provides sourcing documentation like

I wanted to send a quick note expressing my sincere thanks for the outstanding service your company has provided over the last year and a half. You truly have the

Usually, mentioning the term 'broker' to an electronics buyer brings about a knee-jerk cringe reaction. There are many broker companies out there that provide a steady stream of nuisance calls

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the help you gave me yesterday. You will never get rich doing business with me but you treat my

Global Solutions has been a key supplier in helping maximize profit opportunities in the current buyer's market. Global really has redefined our role an independent distributor plays in procuring not

Most people are quick to complain when they receive poor or sub-standard service. Unfortunately, when good service is received we usually say nothing because we just expect it. And when

Over the past six or seven years the relationship between Pinnacle and Global has grown dramatically. Early on we talked about Pinnacle's business model revolving around "partnering relationships" not only

Global Solutions is Hiring!