Predict your team’s NFL season record & scored points.

If your guess is the most accurate, we will throw you and co-workers a Football Fiesta!

Global Solutions is throwing its Annual Football Fiesta

From our newest customers to long term friends, we invite you to join in the fun for a chance to win a party for 10 at the conclusion of the regular NFL season. Amazed by the record breaking predictions in the past 2 years, this year we are adding a special prize.

Should this year’s winner also break the record for most accurate prediction (5 points), the winner will also get a $1000 Visa Gift Card.

How to win:
  1. Accurately predict the 16 games regular season record of your favorite NFL team. (Example: 11-5)
  2. If a tiebreaker is needed, guess the amount of points your team will score during the regular season.
  • Enjoy a day with 9 of your friends and family on the day of the big game, Sunday, February 4th, 2018.~Or~
  • A donation of $300 will be made to the winner’s favorite charity.

Need Help?

Use the links below to help with your prediction.

NFL team schedules – see who your team is facing this season. Select your team from the list below to see their schedule.


Team statistics (2016) – See how your team did last year

When choosing total points, consider that range of total points scored from all teams last year was 224-550.

  1. Entry is limited to customers who have sourced parts from Global Solutions Electronics Company in the past 3 years.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. A maximum of 5 entrants per facility. We welcome entrants from accounting and the production floor.
  4. One prize is awarded for this contest.  In the event of a tie, the entry with the most accurate prediction for their team’s total points shall break the tie.(Example: Entry 1: 334 points predicted and 351 points actual = a difference of 17.  Entry 2:  410 points predicted and 455 actual = a difference of 45 points.  Entry 1 wins the tie by having the more accurate points prediction.
  5. In the spirit of fun, the football fiesta chairman reserves the right to award a special prize to that contestant who least accurately guesses their team’s record. 🙂
  6. Entry Deadline is 3pm EDT Tuesday, September 5th 2017 EST.
  7. Rules and eligibility can change at any time without notice

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