Global Solutions Electronics Company is proud to welcome Eddie Shelton to the team.  Originally from Deltona, FL, Eddie earned a BS Degree in Computer Information Systems from Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, NC.  A world-class athlete, he was 4-time national champion, and 7-time All American in the high jump. 

In his Account Specialist role, Eddie is responsible for delivering solutions to common supply chain problems for our customers in the Northeast and Southeast.  For CEM clients, Eddie applies our proprietary Collaborate™ Quote Assistant to remove common hassles that cause delays.  He is already helping clients realize efficiencies in their quoting processes and improving response times on new BOM quotes by as many as 3 days. 

Eddie is also helping our OEM clients identify the best solution for obsolete and long lead time parts by harnessing our Search & Rescue™ Leadtime Removal System in concert with our engineering support team.  With the S&R System engaged, our OEM clients have confidence knowing if there are better options than the exact AVL part at less expense and/or lead time, they will get those answers from him promptly. 

“Eddie delivers the Global core value ‘help first, sell parts second’ in every connection with our customers,” said Scott Smith, CEO of Global Solutions.  “His prior experience as an inside salesperson with Lenovo provides him with a critical reference to the importance of excellent responsiveness and on-time delivery for his clients.”

Eddie is based out of the Global corporate headquarters in Fort Myers, FL.