Global Solutions Electronics Company is happy to welcome Branden Reynolds back to our team. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio he earned a degree in Construction Engineering from University of Cincinnati. Branden is a grill master and loves spending his free time fishing in the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

In his Key Account Representative role, Branden is responsible for delivering solutions to common supply chain problems for many of our Diamond customers.  An industry veteran with four years prior experience with Global, he is highly skilled at applying our proprietary Collaborate™ Quote Assistant to remove common hassles that cause delays.  He also helps his customers achieve efficiencies in their quoting processes and improve response times on new BOM quotes by as many as 3 days. 

Branden is also harnessing our Search & Rescue™ Leadtime Removal System by leveraging our engineering support team to help OEM clients identify the best solution for obsolete and long lead time parts.  With the S&R System engaged, our customers have confidence knowing if there are better options than the exact AVL part at less expense and/or lead time, they will get those answers from him promptly. 

Highly focused on customer satisfaction and fulfilling our promise to ‘Help first, sell parts second’, Branden is looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and creating new raving fan clients.  “It’s great having Branden back, and I’m sure his customers share my sentiments,” said Scott Smith, CEO of Global Solutions.  “He thoroughly understands how to identify and respond to client pain points and provide the high service levels and accountability they expect from Global.”

Branden is based out of the Global corporate headquarters in Fort Myers, FL.