Scott Smith

Scott Smith

CEO/ Team Leader

Scott started in the electronics field acquiring product knowledge while serving in the aviation wing of the busiest United States Coast Guard station in Clearwater, Florida. Duties over nearly 8 years of service included numerous life saving rescue missions and working alongside multinational forces to stem the illegal importation of drugs in to the southeast United States.

Following a successful military career, Scott was provided the opportunity of a life time to join globally recognized distributor America 2 Electronics. Starting as an entry level sales assistant, Scott used his military knowledge and strong business fundamentals to quickly elevate through the ranks to Senior Account Executive.

Servicing the needs of leading tier one contract manufacturers and military contractors worldwide, Scott’s reputation in the industry is reflective by hundreds of satisfied long term business partners. In military manufacturing circles, Scott continues to be recognized as a mil-spec parts guru by procurement and engineering departments across the country.

Armed with a cornerstone value “help the customer first and sell parts second” approach, Scott sought yet another new challenge. That challenge was to develop a company from concept to reality using the same time tested business values and fundamentals vital to success. In 1999, the dream came true with the creation of Global Solutions Electronics Company.

Focusing on delivering real solutions to the tremendously under-serviced needs that add great value to the manufacturing community, Scott’s future is to continue to identify new strategies to provide superior level support to continue to raise the bar. Besides an unwavering commitment to the customer and the team who make Global Solutions tick each business day.

Lynn Mikolajczyk

Lynn Mikolajczyk

Quality Control

Lynn has been with Global as a QA inspector since April of 2010 and has been Lead QA Inspector since January of 2012. She was born in New Jersey but moved to Illinois to work for defense contractor Northrup/Grumman as a repair operator. At Northrup/Grumman some of her responsibilities were soldering boards, inspecting boards, working with engineers on prototypes and building prototype boxes for aircraft. She received 2 quality awards while working there.

She then took some time to be a stay at home mom and homemaker. She re-entered the workforce at a small company in Illinois that made specialized circuit boards as the main solderer, repair operator and quality inspector.

She moved to Florida in March 2010 and joined the Global team in April. She enjoys the Florida sun, doing fun things with family and friends, and relaxing with Robert Downey Jr. when he’s in town. (239) 489-2980 x111

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