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The most detailed inspection procedure in distribution, bar none!
Our processes make it easy for customers to count on Global Solutions as a primary supply chain partner vs. second source.
Lead Time Removal System
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Utilizing all resources to ensure a pain-free quote process.

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Remove lead times to ensure you have your parts on time.


The most detailed inspection procedure in distribution, bar none.

What our customers are saying

In our industry, quality of parts can never be a root cause for failure. Global Solutions has been a valued source in providing quality parts and provides sourcing documentation like no other independent distributor. Global Solutions has been a proven valued supplier – dependable and quality driven.

I wanted to send a quick note expressing my sincere thanks for the outstanding service your company has provided over the last year and a half. You truly have the customers best interest in mind and it has shown repeatedly. If you are unable to meet a target, you provide the necessary information (if available) to source the part elsewhere.

I have dealt with Global for several years now, and have seen them attain a level of service that greatly exceeds that of their competitors. I have had many line-down situations that required immediate and complicated help, and in those times my first call has went to Global, whose reaction was always quick and helpful.

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the help you gave me yesterday. You will never get rich doing business with me but you treat my small needs like big deals. Global has always come through for me (except for the letter opener) and you have jumped to #1 on my vendor list. You’re the best!

We have developed the ability to communicate and work through the most difficult situations together to meet and exceed customer expectation.

Matt has provided me with a level of service that is better than any other components supplier I currently use. He has consistently gone the extra mile for me. Several of my vendors will do that in the beginning just to earn my business, but after a month or so things begin to change when they learn that I don’t purchase a huge amount of components as compared to other larger contract manufacturers. Matt has not done this.

Global really has redefined our role an independent distributor plays in procuring not only hard to find but also mainstream pipelined parts… they offer the right part at the right price at the right time and go the extra step in technical service and support. When time and parts equal money and they always do, Global Solutions has come through time after time.

Welcome to Global Solutions

By way of introduction - welcome to the Articles section of our website. The purpose of this section is to create a resource with the latest industry news and company information. We will also have occasional articles focused on electronic parts distribution, engineering and well as information on events, contests and promotions. We strive to put our customers first, and...
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Global Solutions Electronics Company is an electronic components distribution problem solver. Give us a call. Send an email. Tell us what problems you are dealing with. We would love the opportunity to be the ones to make those problems disappear.


Help first, sell parts second. That is our focus. Our team is eager to deliver real solutions to the under-serviced needs of the manufacturing community. Requests receive prompt replies and even referrals to competing distributors for non-stock rush buys. At Global Solutions, you will receive outstanding service!



  • Ship from stock
  • Provide excellent visibility of available inventory from around the globe
  • Support customers with lower cost alternatives to traditional franchise supply
  • Ship allocated and obsolete parts
  • Cross-referencing of allocated and obsolete parts – while franchise distributors offer crosses to their lines. Global Solutions sales professionals are experienced in crossing to every manufacturer. When a long lead time is unacceptable or on an obsolescence issue, we will provide the best solution.
  • Same day shipping – No “cut off time” for shipping here. If we have it in domestic stock and you need it yesterday, we will find a way to get it there!


  • J.I.T (just in time) scheduled deliveries – with our J.I.T. program, don’t burden yourself with huge inventories. Our professionals will work closely with your staff and set up schedules to meet your manufacturing needs.
  • Tape and reeling
  • Programming
  • Testing/Burn to Spec. – Working closely with domestic test facilities, we can test and ship with full c of c’s in 2-3 days your extended temp. product requirements. This includes commercial/industrial and industrial/military ic’s. Because prices on extended temp. product are often much higher for the same part, this low cost service is less expensive and greatly reduces lead times!!!